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Medical Examination & Students Under 16th Years of Age

Medical Examination:

For SPP applications, the students should get the Medical examination done from a DMP (Designated Medical Practitioner) preferably at least one week before submitting the SPP student visa application in the CHC (Canadian High Commission). For this they should call a DMP and book an appointment.

Docs to be taken at medical Examination:

When visiting the DMP, you must bring the following documents:
  1. 5 passport pictures, your original passport, a photocopy of your passport bio data page, your letter of acceptance from a SPP college, and your complete residential address, including district and state.

Medical Examination Validity:

Medical results are valid for one year. Do not undergo a subsequent medical examination if you had one in the last year.

Student Under 16th Years of Age

Children under 16 travelling without one or both parents or without a legal guardian must provide a notarized authorization for travel signed by both parents or by the parent or legal guardian not travelling. This authorization should be available for presentation at the Canadian Port of Entry.


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